Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Writing From Scratch Vs Secondhand Content

Today I learnt two things about my writing processes:

1. It's easier to write a piece from scratch rather than rewriting someone else's content.  For me, starting from scratch means  I need only follow my train of thought over the content, rather than trying to also understand someone else's logic and writing style.

2. Word from better when I talk to people about their issue/content/organisation/product, rather than just getting related documents from them and sourcing the facts out of them. When I talk to the people, they not only give me the facts ( which you can get frm the documents) but what they see as important and how they interact with it. This people factor helps the content come alive when I write.


Judy Croome | @judy_croome said...

Yes, I'd agree with both those findings Damaria. Trying to re-write someone else's words is just so difficult!

Judy (South Africa)

Rebecca A Emrich said...

I totally agree with you on that front, it is so much easier to go from teh "go" and not from somewhere else!

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