Friday, March 04, 2011

Lots of Writing.. And Blogging News

Yesterday I waded through the writing process like a freight train, writing, writing, editing, writing..... It's about bloody time, that's all I have to say.  In addition to normal client work, where I'm finally beginning to feel like I know what I'm doing for one web site revamp, I also wrote two articles for an online publication, sent them to a friend to edit and am submitting them today. The company  put out a call for submissions. I also finalised my workshop presentation for the conference taking place Monday - Wednesday and sent it to the client.

Blogging/Storypot news

There has also been some developments on Storypot. The other day I mentioned that my friend Pamela Moeng was going to share her writing wisdom by starting a blog. Well, turns out she's not. Because I had this BRILLIANT idea that she should co-blog with me here on Storypot. She loved the idea. I hope will you will too.

So over the weekend, I'm going to make some small changes to incorporate Pam as a team member here. I'm not sure what she's going to talk about, or how often she'll blog. I told her she should regard this as her home and do whatever she likes. As long as she plays nice with you all, of course:

So here's Pam's biography

Pamela Moeng was born in the small town of Lewistown, Pennsylvania in the United States. She grew up there and did her BA Literature at the Pennsylvania State University in the United States. She came to South Africa in 1987 and completed an MA in English Education at Wits University in 1999.

She was a feature writer for a small weekly newspaper for three years in the USA and worked as an editor for both Macmillan Boleswa and Heinemann Publishers for a combined total of more than eight years. She has worked for the South African government in two different departments for a combined total of more than seven years in the field of communications.

Her published works include:
  • English in Our Lives teachers guides grades 7, 8 and 9 for Heinemann
  • Let’s Use English teachers guide grade 8 for Heinemann
  • Learning Arts and Culture Can Be Fun learners and teachers guides grade 5 for Nasou via Afrika
She recently published six supplementary readers through Cambridge University Press for Rainbow Book Boxes. The titles include both fiction and non-fiction. She has also edited the Oxford University Press publication Starting Your Own Business in South Africa 11th Edition and contributed the chapter on women in business. She writes poetry and contributed poems to Wo(ban), a book of women’s poetry under the Arcane imprint. Her first novel was published this year by Nolly Books.

So? Was it a brilliant idea to get her to chat here with you on a regular basis, or was it a brilliant idea? I'm off to lunch, and to write some more.
Have a good weekend. And welcome, Pam. I hope you'll like it here.



Rebecca A Emrich said...

what a wonderful idea, welcome to storyput Pam! Dmaaria, great idea, wish I could do that! Awesome of you.

Tamara said...

Welcome, Pam! Can't wait to hear from you :-)

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