Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Life Issues Affect Writing Aspect

Life interfered with our second writers' meeting. One of the members is in the UK for 3 months (we knew of the trip, but we still missed her), another was on a business trip ( he phoned in and sounded miserable), a mother and son team had no electricity and were too busy getting gas, trying to keep the food in their freezer from going off to come to the meeting. And it rained  endlessly, so some members just wanted to cocoon at home. So we didn't have a formal meeting - though we did chat about life, writing, art and living a creative life.

Despite these challenges, I had a lovely time at the meeting. I drank waay too much tea... and our hostess Elaine, who's in heavily involved with our local Heritage committee, is going to have a weekly 15 minute segment on Radio Today and she wants to interview me. We're going to talk about me, my career, why I like living in my surburb and why the suburb is very popular with creative types.

Elaine is also an artist ( she has a beautiful range of postcards that she's developed and is now sorting out distribution) and for some reason she wants to paint me. So she took a couple of pictures which she will use for the painting.


seamonkeypo said...

I wish I could hear your radio interview! Do they have online streaming? I should check.

Damaria Senne said...

@Po-They have podcasts.

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