Thursday, April 21, 2011

Productivity and Public Holidays

Tired. Spent the morning writing a business profile for a client, emailed it, and then went to meet the client to discuss the draft. It's an urgent assignment, so everything has to be done NOW. Spending the afternoon doing edits and then emailing the final document today. The client is new, and by the sound of it, is going to develop a number of print and digital materials. I'm kinda hoping to do such good work for her that Damaria Senne Media will be allowed to get on that gravy train.

The rest of the Easter holiday is mine. I'm going to spend some time with my family. Baby is also coming up from Durban, so that should be nice

I'm also going to have to work a bit over the weekend - do some admin, type up some fiction that I drafted by hand, finish a client job that seemed small at the beginning( less than 200 words) but has so many queries it's taking more time than I ever budgeted for.  The latter is one of those assignments where a per hour rate would really have served me better.

What are you planning to do during the Easter weekend and the coming weeks riddled with public holidays? Are you going away to visit family, taking a well-earned rest before tackling the rest of 2011, or are you planning to use the quiet time to catch up with long-neglected tasks?


tiah said...

Enjoy your time with Baby. Best of luck with the admin.

We're hanging at home. Bit of celebration, bit of work, bit of chipping away at what needs to be done to the house and garden (which is work, but not really).

Rebecca A Emrich said...

enjoy your break but do come back to us!

Pamela said...

Hey, D. Back from frigid Limpopo to somewhat warmer Gauteng. Hope you and Baby enjoyed each other's company this past weekend. Little Mr is delighted at the last minute decision by the DoE to extend the school holiday.

Damaria Senne said...

Thanks guys. It was a very quiet holiday for me. Yes, Baby and I enjoyed our time together. It rained a lot, so we were mostly indoors and we talked and had a movie marathon and lazed around the house.....
@Pam - Normally Baby would go back to school early May, but their class is scheduled to go camping for a week, so she's not going to see a classroom until the week of the 9th. You can imagine how happy she is about the prolonged brea.

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