Thursday, June 30, 2011

21 Things I Learnt Since I Began Working From Home Redux

Today is a major deadline day for the publishing project, a culmination of days of reading government policy documents, planning and locating writers of educational material who can work to seriously tight deadlines. Which is why I have been so quiet here on the site - to be honest, the only writing I did since I last posted here was emails. Lots and lots of them. But not a single article or blog post. My apologies for leaving you high and dry.

So I've scheduled a number of post that can be published at a click of a button when things get sticky.Some of them are old posts that still have relevance today. As you know, I've been here since January 2006, so I have over 1000 posts here.

Anyhoo, today I wanted to share with you 21 Things I Learnt Since I Began Working From Home. The article was initially published in November 2008. Those lessons still apply to me today.

BTW, Pam is back from the US, where she enjoyed her time with her family. So she'll also do her part to continue our conversation here.


Pamela Moeng said...

I'll get to typing now that I'm back. Sorry you were left to hold the fort on your own, D, but I'm sure I'll learn something new from reading today's redux post.

Rebecca E. said...

gee did everyone leave? I am back from holidays as well, all teh best with your publishing project.

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