Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Back From The US

By Pamela Moeng

My two weeks away (in June) are fast fading memories as I eye the pile of work on my plate - all of it urgent. On the upside, sleepless nights and nonstop work over the next few weeks will surely whittle off the weight I gained on holiday. Always a silver lining, not so?

Visiting family was the main objective of my winter holiday but in the process I managed to spend time in one of Pennsylvania's numerous state parks, a winery and a trip down memory lane on the campus of the Pennsylvania State University.

My partner and I also took a Greyhound to visit Boston in Massachusetts, cradle of the American Revolution, the campus of Harvard University in Cambridge, shopped in Manhattan and rode the Amtrak train from Boston back to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and then from Lewistown, Pennsylvania to Penn Station in New York City before boarding a Virgin Atlantic flight to London, where we toured the cities of Westminster and London for a day.

Finally we spent nearly 11 hours on board another Virgin Atlantic flight from London's Heathrow Airport to O.R. Tambo in Johannesburg. Along the way we had adventures small and large - more on those soon.

Now it's back to children, geriatric dog, the day job and a frenetic period of activity on the writing and editing front with DSM. The latter thrills me and my typing fingers and editing pen itch to get started.

I've missed you all because my grand plan to stay in touch fell apart in the absence of an international adapter that fit my netbook plug and the lack of BB access while I was away. Note to self - buy an adaptor NOW, before my next trip abroad!

I read in the Times that the Short Story South celebrations went well. So very sorry to have missed that. Even more sorry to leave summer behind in the USA and UK to rejoin winter in SA - what a shock to the system that is!

I love short story writing and I hope the optimists among us are right and the genre is enjoying a new burst of popularity. How many optimists are readers of Storypot? What are your thoughts on the short story as a genre, is it perfect for our byte-size attention spans or are novels still tops?


Lori said...

It's hot here, isn't it? I'm not sure how the weather was in State College, but here in Philadelphia it's been brutal. Hot and exceedingly dry.

I'm glad to hear you had a wonderful visit home, Pamela. :)

Pamela Moeng said...

Thanks, Lori. It was very hot - quite a shock to the system considering it's winter here. It was a lovely visit home and will live in my heart for a very long time. Missed all of you in cyberspace though.

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