Thursday, July 21, 2011

So here’s the update of how I’ve really been

I thought I was going to drown. I was excited about my new publishing assignment, but the work seemed massive and the deadlines really tight. I was briefed near the end of June and went home wondering how I was going to manage the project and my existing workload.

It wasn’t easy, and it wouldn’t have been possible if it were not for the contributions of a number of people, whom I owe a big thanks.

In the month since I taken on the book publishing project I’ve:

1. Commissioned writers to write the books
2. Developed a deadline schedule for all the books

3. Met with most of the authors ( some more than once)

4. Read documents associated with the assignment

5. Worked with authors to develop book plans (3 detailed book plans done so far).

6. Oversaw initial edit and quality control of one book manuscript.

One highly experienced author has completed the first draft of one of his books already, and the text is great. It was so nice to have someone deliver well ahead of schedule. Lesson to new authors: publishers love authors who deliver on time. You give them peace of mind, which makes them want to work with you again.

I'm finally operating from a place of calm and professonalism, not fear and insecurity. I now have confidence that I can do this publishing assignment. So I’m going back to my regularly scheduled programming, where I’ll be more present here and at other friends' blogs.

I also realise that I owe some of you huge apologies. Blogger gave me some problems in the midst of this, and instead of trying to deal with it, I let it slide. I’m sorry it affected my agreements with you. I will email you directly with apologies and we can talk about how I can make it up to you.

I also haven’t been visiting people’s blogs and/commenting. Sorry about that. I am going to be able to start making the rounds.

I’ve also:

1. Moved my office into another room - The room is smaller, warmer and cosier, and has a lot of cupboard space for filing. I also painted a small portion of the wall with chalkboard paint. That’s where I draft stuff when I’m brainstorming/outlining a story. I never realised that I am a visual writer. And using the chalk means I can rub off an element of the story that doesn't work immediately.

2. Rearranged my house – My house mate, who moved in last year when my ulcer was acting up, moved out at the end of the month. She found a really nice house a couple of streets from me. So we’ll still keep in close touch but I now have my space back. Yay!

3. Caught a really bad cold - My nose and chest were congested for weeks. Thank God I didn't have a hacking cough, but it was really bad, especially because I couldn't nurse it properly and had to work.

4. Attended another local writers' meeting-One member, who's a scriptwriter and producer said she left me the meeting so inspired that she spent the night outlining a new script. So I'm happy about starting the group; it does help.

5. Cleaned out the studio cottage I used as my office and am getting it ready to rent out.

Question: So how have you been? What are the major developments in your life/work?


Kate said...

Wow compared to you my development seem mediocre!

po said...

Damaria, you are so on top of things, I know everything will turn out alright with you in charge!

Lori said...

I wish I had your energy. I read this and I want to take a nap!

I agree with you - when writers deliver on time (or ahead of schedule), it's such a huge relief. That's a professional.

Glad you're back to healthy and life is treating you well, Damaria. :)

Pamela Moeng said...

So glad that you are over that cold and feeling better. You really did get such a lot done that it is hard to believe you were nursing a cold! Glad that the blogger facility is working again. As for the publishing assignment, I absolutely know it will be a huge success. Oh, and happy birthday again!

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