Monday, July 25, 2011

Embrace Your Opportunities

By Pamela Moeng

Opportunity knocks but once, some say. I disagree. The same opportunity may not knock in the very same way again, but variations of the same possibility will continue knocking until your potential is realised or your dream comes true. This is especially true for writers.

Job changes or you move cities? It's an opportunity to meet new people, forge new connections and experience new things to write about! Husband leaves, boyfriend dumps you? More opportunity to write, even if it's that thriller you've fantasised about where woman scorned gets her man - where it hurts most! New baby means time to read while breastfeeding or bottle feeding to see how others do it better or worse than you. Wild toddler in the house and a stay-at-home mom? Nap time is an opportunity to write. Broken leg and stuck in bed while it mends? Write!

The more you write and put it out there, the more opportunities will come your way to continue doing just that - write!

Years ago I spent hours dreaming about the possibility of writing and then one day I got off my butt and actually asked a real person for the opportunity to write. The 'yes' I got gave me the confidence to keep looking for opportunities and the more I wrote the less I had to look - the opportunities were now looking for me.

So my advice to the dreamers is write and keep your ears tuned to the sound of opportunity knocking. But if you miss it the first time, don't believe the nay-sayers who tell you it won't come again. Keep listening and don't expect opportunity to arrive with a brass band and a parade - stay tuned to the quiet possibilities. They are all around you.

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