Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Finding A Home For Your Work

Power was off from 10am this morning, so I couldn't follow my normal morning routine. But I was fortunate to have a potential tenant come over to see the cottage that used to be my office. I hadn't even advertised but apparently she rented the next street over and the owners are selling, so she has to move. She took the cottage. Which is nice, cos it turns out she's a freelance journo, and we had loads to talk about.

I placed Pam's article about her stay in New York during her recent trip to the USA with The Independent Online. I'll give you guys a heads up when the article is published. Pam also wrote articles about her visit in Boston and stay in London, which I've sent to some editors. It would be great if someone bought the whole series, but it was not possible to do the deal with IOL.

I also got article accepted by Marketingweb ( my first time writing for them). I initially wrote an article for a regular client of mine, but it was rejected not due to the quality, but some other issues. So I decided to look for another home for it. What I learnt: sometimes "No" means "Not for us," not "this is not a good story." So when your work is rejected, but you firmly believe that it's a quality piece, don't despair, keep looking until you find the right home for it.

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Pamela Moeng said...

Well done getting the article placed with Marketingweb - that is cool! And obviously I am chuffed with your getting my article placed with IOL. I can't wait to read it there.

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