Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sharpening Pencils

Spent most of the evening yesterday sending thank you messages to people who wished me a happy birthday. I know it takes time to respond to every message, but some of them want to hook up for coffee, and it's a lovely way to initiate contact with people I haven't spoken to, or seen in a long time.

Had a long interview this morning. A friend of mine used me as a personal reference for a government job and the people involved were very thorough. Made me think about how well I know my friend, and I was relieved to realise that I know lots of details I didn't even think about.

I'm reading Lori Widmer's The Worthy Writer's Guide to Building a Better Business. If you are a freelance writer or want to be one, then get this book. It's worth way more then the $11.95 you'll pay for it. I've been in this business for a while and I'm still learning a lot from the book.

Need to stop sharpening my pencils and actually write. Yes, I'm having one of those mornings when the office is quiet, the computer is on, there's nothing pressing that I need to do and yet, somehow, my brain won't cooperate and let the words come.

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Pamela Moeng said...

I bought a copy of Lori's book and I am learning so much from reading it even though I've been in the business awhile. Do yourself a favour and buy a copy - it is value for money!

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