Friday, August 26, 2011

Defrosting toes and updating software

The weather keeps getting warmer and I feel like my toes are finally defrosting. The plum tree is flowering, there's a lot of green in the front garden and the plants I potted last week still look healthy.

This morning was hectic - I finished an urgent project from a client, finished another client report and emailed and invoiced for them both.

I also booked a stand at the local Spring Fair taking place next week Sunday, where I'm going to sell books that I can't donate to schools due to subject matter. Convinced a friend to also take a stand. We must support the community forum running the fair.

Save me from software that automatically updates!

Had a bit of a problem with my Vodacom Internet connection though. Over 200MG of my data bundle in my main SIM card connection disappeared (some software was updated without my realising it?), so I put in the secondary one, which had about 22MG and some airtime. It was just enough for me to use my online banking facility to buy more bundles for my primary connection. I hadn't even finished the transaction when the system locked me out saying I didn't have sufficient airtime to be online.

I couldn't use my cellphone to buy the necessary airtime. So I phoned a friend who does and she bought me R12 airtime. Just enough to get online and sort out my connection problems, I thought. Weirdly, the airtime was gone less than a minute after I got online. I didn't even get the chance to log onto my bank!

I phoned Vodacom customer care to ask for help, but the consultant told me that I needed to phone them back in an hour because the transaction was not even reflecting on their system yet. WTF?

My saving grace was their Talking Points/usage reward system. I hardly ever claim them, so I asked if I can use them to buy over 100MG of data. Consultant said I had enough to buy a cellphone. But I think I'll keep the rest for emergencies such as these.

With that transaction done, I was back in business. But I was still feeling paranoid, so I bought a couple of Gigs, just to make sure that I have enough to work. I did worry though that whatever ate up my original data bundle would also chow my new reserves, but everything seems fine now.


po said...

I saw the weather report for Joburg today. 27!! I think your toes must be nice and toasty now, although the nights are so cold.

Pamela said...

I've had a love/hate relationship with Vodacom lately. On my pre-paid phone, I've made out like a bandit with free airtime, but on my contract number I've been fighting the whole year over accounts that seem exorbitant to me. We're at an impasse now on that one. I'm also glad the weather is changing - I am a southern hemisphere kind of a gal. No winter lover am I. Good luck with the book sales, D. I can rarely bring myself to part with a book, it seems like amputating a limb.

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