Monday, August 29, 2011

My Weekend In 5 Points

1. Met one of the authors I'm working with on the client publishing project. He's very inspiring : in the years he's been writing part-time, he saved most of his royalty earnings and now has enough socked away to write fulltime the next couple of months and then go back to study at university fulltime for the next four years. He says his secret to financial stability was to live on his teacher's salary ( which we know is not a whole lot) and simply invest royalties as they came in.
2. I'm getting addicted to my garden. Spent most of the time in there, just enjoying the space. Very soothing.
3. I've become an aunt again! This is the eighth time and I'm a great aunt twice over. Borekhu was born on Sunday at 13h30. Mother and daughter are doing well, and Dad is very excited.
4. I've been trying out a number of recipes I come across if I already have the ingredients for them. Used spinach from my garden to make Frittatas. Tasty. Also learnt to make sun tea. Wonder why I didn't know about this very convenient way to make tea. And yes, this interest in food does have a creative outlet. One of the main characters in the UNNAMED STORY I've spewing out for months needs to learn to cook. And I learn stuff as he learns.
5. I'm finally learning to enjoy the publishing end of the business. Still very admin heavy, but I'm finding that when I'm done, I'm hungry to do more creative writing work. So I'm actually coming up with more stories and writing more.
So, how was your weekend? Are you ready to tackle the rest of the week?


tiah said...

Your life sounds very full, with much good in it.

Damaria Senne said...

Thanks Tiah. My life used to revolve mostly around my work and Baby and it was not healthy. I feel better now that I'm making time for other things that interest me.

po said...

Your teacher friend is very impressive! Good for him.

Damaria Senne said...

@Po- Ja, I am also impressed. Your parents were teachers, Po, so you know how very little they earn. That he just held on and didn't use the additional income and was able to save so much - I wish i had that kind of fortitude:-)

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