Thursday, September 08, 2011

Buzzing brain and falling tree

I woke up to an email from the Independent Online Travel accepted two travel articles Pam wrote about her trip through London and Boston. Really great tonic. I'm not sure when the articles will be published but I'll provide the links when they go live.

This morning I was also feeling a bit tired, so I drank a can of Playa. Not very healthy move, but my body is now buzzing with energy and caffeine, which I needed. Must have also got my poor fried brain moving because the words have been flowing endlessly since and my fingers can barely keep up typing the words as the story ( in the UNNAMED WIP) unfolds.

Pam came over to my house for lunch ( she doesn't work too far) and he brought me my complimentary copies of Starting Yur Own Business (12 edition, Oxford University Press, published August 2011), which she edited and co-wrote with Barrie Terblanche and Guy Macleod. Of course I was most interested in the case study about my company, Damaria Senne Media. If you buy the book ( available at most Exclusive Books and Kalahari, among others), check out page 272. That's where my case study begins.

I also spent the morning trying to find the contact name and details of the City Parks personnell responsible for the maintanence of trees in the city. There's a huge tree  outside the entrance of the Pre-Primary School near my house and it's so bent that it looks like it's about to fall. The tree actually blocks the entrance way into the school and parents bringing their children have to bend over to avoid the big tree branches. My concern ( and the concern of the administrator)  that the tree could break and fall very easily. At worst, it will smash into one of the parents  and kids passing through. At best, it will fall into the building and damage the building. I do hope someone from City Parks responds to my enquiry soon and they come and deal with the situation, because this is one of those issues that could develop into a tragedy if left unattended.

Anyhoo, how's your day and the rest of your week? Are things going well?


tiah said...

Sounds like somebody just needs to haul out their chain saw. Then again, I grew up in Oregon.

Damaria Senne said...

ROFL. That is so practical and DIY. Hauling out the chainsaw could have been an attractive option and I suspect one or two neighbours would help. But the trees on the pavements belong to the city and I believe there is an ordinance against trimming them, never mind cutting them down. Only City Parks personell are allowed to touch them.

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