Friday, September 09, 2011

Thank God It's Friday!

1. I started the morning drinking another 440ml of Play. Yes I know the caffeine content on that thing is scary and I should find another way to boost my energy levels. But it works and for now, so it'll do.
2. Sometimes it's nice to work with company in my home office. There's someone to bounce ideas against and just having another person working nearby is enough to motivate me to stay on the chair. Thanks for the company, Christelle.
3. The opening ceremony of the Rugby World Cup 2011 was great. I'm not a big rugby fan but I've watched a few games. And then there's the patriotic element.
4. I have a big editorial meeting first thing on Monday morning. So I'm going to spend a portion of the weekend going through the material so I'm well-prepared.

Have a good weekend!


Laura said...

I love opening ceremonies :) They always make me shed a tear!

po said...

I haven't seen the opening ceremony, maybe I will watch it tonight. Those energy drinks, I don't trust them, they make me crash later in the day, but I hope you get everything done!

tiah said...

Sometimes ya just got to do what you need to do to get through it then brake the bad habits later.

Pamela said...

Thanks for lunch and the shoulder to cry on the other day. It was great seeing you even for an hour, my friend!

Damaria Senne said...

@Po - Did you get to watch the ceremony afterall? I crash too when the energy fizzles. But luckily it usually takes me until the late afternoon/evening to do so. Then I can just go to bed.
@Tiah- True dat!
@Pam - My pleasure.
@Laura - they are very emotive. For me it was the moment when Lomo joined the group on stage accompanied by a boy, thinking about what he'd been through. Nice of them to honour him like that. He was a great rugby player.. even a neophyte like me knew who he is.

Pamela said...

Don't forget to watch today's game - around 10 this morning.

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