Monday, September 12, 2011

A good start to a week

Woke up to an email from the Independent Online Travel notifying me that Pam's article, Boston or burst, was live online. The piece relates part of her journey while she was visiting family in the US. Check it out.

I also received an email from one of the writers I'm working with on the client publishing project, sending me the full manuscript of his next book. Gosh, I love this author! He knows what he's supposed to do and does it with no muss or fuss. Of course it means my work has doubled, as I now need to oversee the manuscript review and editorial process, make sure artwork briefs are clear etc before submitting to the client. But he has done a big chunk of the work. The writer was in town, so we met for coffee this self-same morning, which was lovely.

Cooked a huge meal to send to my family in Phokeng. My nephew came over last night and I like to cook and send stuff over for them when I can. Not that they need the food, but it's nice to feel I can nurture them, especially my mother, even a little bit and they do appreciate it. Also picked some vegetables from my garden to send over. There's irony (?)there cause the city girl is sending vegetables from her garden to her family in the rural areas. Isn't it supposed to be the other way round? Nevermind.. it works for us.

Anyhoo, the week promises to be busy in a good way. How's your week like?


tiah said...

Wow, you and Pam are rolling right along.

po said...

It seems like city-farming is becoming more and more popular. The Brits are mad about it, but they use allotments because they don't usually have very big gardens. It sounds like a lot of hard work to me, whose job it is to pot, water and murder plants on a daily basis for our experiments!

Pamela said...

What a real pleasure to share my trip with online readers and what a joy to provide food/nurturing for family and friends. You were feeding me last week and it fed my soul as well as my stomach! m

Damaia Senne said...

@tiah- yes, things are coming along nicely. The more doors we knock on, the better the chances of someone saying "yes."
@po- I find garden work relaxing, but I prefer having a garden at home and don't think i would be as eager if I had to leave my home to go to an allotment. too much effort.

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