Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It's been a productive couple of days

It's been a hectic couple of days:

1. Selling my old romance novels - Attended the local fair and sold more second-hand books. The interesting thing about selling second-hand romance novels is that the majority of people feel compelled to tell you that they DON'T read them...but when the fans come, they lots and lots of them. Sold enough books to buy week's groceries and I left around mid-day.

Took my notebook to the craft market, so I had the chance to scribble some story scenes on my WIP during the lull between customers. Happy with what came out.

2. Meeting potential clients - Had to drive across town on Monday morning on the way to an 8am meeting with a potential client. Managed to avoid most of the morning rush hour, but it was still long and traumatic; reminded me of the old days when I used to commute and leave home early. The meeting went extremely with client and he said he'd use my services. Will celebrate once the contract is signed and deposit is in the bank:-)

3. Polishing a document for the client publishing project - Submitted the manuscript today. Yay me! I can take a breather.

4. Scoping a new editing assignment - A client I usually do a couple of reviews sent me a huge assignment. The assignment was a shock for a freelance writer friend of mine, to whom the assignment looks dull and does not pay fantastically well ( per word, but there is a huge volume).
"Dull assignments like this buy me the time to do more projects that are creatively challenging. Sometimes it's pretty much like having a day job and you don't always get to write what you like."
Let's just say she's not very happy.

5. Doing quality control on the ebook design - Things are moving along in that quarter. I want to load the ebook by Friday at the latest and test it all weekend so Monday it can go live around 5am (automatically). Yay us!

6. Organising a workshop for my publishing project writers for next week- Venue and catering finalised, programme and invitations sent to the writers and now I just need to finalise with them and get my material together.

What  are your feelings about writers having to either hold down fulltime jobs or take on writing assignments to pay bills and but time to do projects they find more fulfilling?


Ordinarylife said...

A very productive couple of days!

Tamara said...

I have loads of "dull" but dependable jobs that pay the bills and let me take on the work I love that doesn't pay quite so well.

Good on you for being so productive!

Anonymous said...

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