Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Books, Lousy Internet & A Very Inspiring Story

Many thanks to all the people who have ordered copies of How to get quoted in the media. I hope that you find the book useful and that it will help you to get a lot of publicity for your organisation or business.

Also received an order for print copies of the book. And while it was not a bulk order, it was not for one copy either. Yay!

Yesterday was hectic and I had an unexpected client meeting. Then Vodacom had a big connection problem in the afternoon, so I was offline for the rest of the day and evening. Which sucked. So today I'm trying to catch up with stuff I didn't do yesterday and loads more work I need to do today. Stressful.

I'll leave with a very inspiring article written by David Barnard, CEO of SANGONeT. David recently ran the Sahara Race, which is 250km in 7 days, over the Sahara Desert, carrying your own tent, food and water. And  might I mention that as far as I know, David is not a professional runner. On the surface he seems like just an ordinary guy, working in the non-profit sector, trying to do his bit to help society. But clearly, he had great depths of strength and determination to take part in the race.

I hope David's account of the race inspires you.

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Rebecca E. said...

great news to read, more than one!!! awesome, and it is a great book!

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