Thursday, October 27, 2011

The perks of being a workaholic

Right now I can't think of any perks of being a workaholic but I do need to try to convince myself there are some, because I'm buried in work ( a good thing for the self-employed) but it's also exhausting.

I'm still fielding editorial queries ( 7 chapters done, one more to go on one book) and preparing for another manuscript handover, for which I'm ridiculously late in terms of finishing the tasks I need to do before the editors can start working on it. As if that's not enough, one of my authors bailed on me. She says on second thought, what I'm asking for is very difficult and she doesn't think that she will be able to deliver. Deadline is next week or so; so finding a replacement is not something I want to do. I may end up writing the chapter myself. Gah!

The week ( and October) is ending. How was it? Did you accomplish what you wanted to? Are you getting into the festive season mood now? Or is it still full steam ahead for you? Have you started planning for 2012?


po said...

Sorry your author bailed on you! Things seem to be calming down for me and I am working at my own slow and calm pace again. Thank goodness.

Lori said...

Actually, I did. I found myself between projects as a large one finished and an expected one was postponed. I threw my time into marketing, and it's already paid off. I lined up three article assignments from a favorite editor (proposed two for her new pub and she added one more to the mix), was contacted by someone I'd sent a note to (meeting with them next week), and I got a call from a potential client who's in the process of vetting writers for his new client contract. Looking really good for November. God, I hope so!

tiah said...

Ah, the laws of the self-employed: Feast or famine. May a happy medium find you soon.

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