Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tuesday Update

Had breakfast with Tebogo Khaas of the SMME Forum at Melrose Arch. I haven't seen Tebogo for years - not since I worked fulltime as a journalist. So it was great catching up with him and finding out what he's got planned for the forum.

It's going to take time to implement some of his ids, but I am looking forward to it, because the resources and services that he plans to provide are very interesting. And of course, I hope that How to get quoted in the media will be one of the resources the organisation offers its members.

I'm tired of being out and about though. For the next couple of weeks, I just want to hide out in my cave stay in my office and write and edit and that's it.I'm also preparing for this year's National Novel Writing Month. 

Are you taking part in the annual event? Have you registered yet? Have you started doing the research for the novel, so you're ready to start writing on the 1st November?

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