Monday, October 24, 2011

A lovely morning to you!

A side-view of the portion of the garden where I'm planting
for summer.
I was awake around 5am as usual, and instead of toddling off to my office (another room in the house), I decided to sleep in a bit.

That's the great thing about working from home - you can start work as early/late as you need to without having to fight traffic to get there.

Today's post is pictures from my garden. Enjoy!

Plantings from my neighbour ( and freelance writer) Michelle Nel are thriving.

The lavender plants came as small cuttings from Michelle's garden


po said...

Your plants look so healthy, you should be working in a plant lab and not me! My plants always get fungus.

Lori said...

Your lavender looks so lush! Mine is a bit straggly, but that could be the variety.

Lovely garden. :)

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