Sunday, October 23, 2011

Know your strong points & delegate if you have to

A warm welcome to everyone who found us by way of media@safm. Thank you for coming over to my site and I do hope that you found our ebook - How to get quoted in the media- helpful for generating publicity for your small business or non-profit organisation. If you want to buy the book, please click on the cover of the book on the right.

The interview on with Ashraf on SAFM went well, though I did fluff a few sentences. I tend to see myself as a star-maker, the one who gets others interviewed, not the one who gets interviewed. So I was not in my comfort zone:-).

But Christelle was great, and saved my bacon a few times during the interview. I think if opportunities for other interviews come up, she should do them. While I've done lots of interviews on radio and TV representing non-profit organisations and a few companies, I think in that arena, she is the more skilled one of the two of us ( having worked for SABC as a radio and TV news journalist) and she's much more outgoing. I'd rather hide out in my cave .. ahem.. I meant to say focus on writing and editing, because that's where my strength is.

And I do have a lot of editing to do this week as I'm responding to editorial queries on one of the books I'm doing for the client publishing project. I'm also preparing to hand over another completed book manuscript to a client.

I suppose my media tip for today is: understand what you are best at and then capitalise on it. If you're CEO of a non-profit organisation but you're terrible at public speaking or doing interviews leave you tongue-tied or you're cursed with a bland, monotonous voice, then appoint someone in your organisation as your spokesman. It's better to be represented by someone who does it better rather than doing it yourself but badly. However, make sure that your appointed spokesman has the information he/she needs to speak with authority on the subject.

Anyhoo, have a great week and do leave comments to share your weekend news.


tiah said...

Congrads on being on the radio! Sounds like you are doing brilliantly.

Damaria Senne said...

Thanks Tiah. Things are going well.

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