Friday, October 21, 2011


Where did October go? It feels to me like only yesterday the month was starting out, and now it's almost over. Gah! I want more days in a year, more hours in a day. Enough to do the tasks I need to do and still have time to sleep, socialise and have some fun.

Anyhoo, today s going went. Was at my desk at 5.30, reading and editing. I'm going slower than I like, especially considering client deadlines, but I will just have to focus and do what I have to do.

The great news is that I've finally cleared off most of the work from my other regular clients, so I can just focus on the publishing project for now. Not that the lull will last:-)

Don't forget to tune in on SAFM at 09h40. Christelle and I will be chatting about How to get quoted in the media.

And while you're in the radio listening mode, also tune in to John Robbie on Monday at 07h40. One of his interview subjects is a client and he's going to talk about being an enterpreneur.

How was your week? What was good, bad or even ugly about it?

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