Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Self-publishing is not for losers

Today I'm keeping a low profile, writing my fingers off on client projects and guest-posts to promote the ebook.

Thanks Rebecca for agreeing to to host me as a guest-blogger. BTW, Rebecca is currently asking her readers: Should you self-publish your book?  Please hop over there and share your views with her and her readers.

Self-publishing is not for losers:-)

My answer is: self-publish when it is appropriate for you. There are works that I reserve to submit to mainstream publishers for consideration and works that I choose to self-publish.

However, the important thing for me is not to self-publish a project because mainstream publishers have rejected it and therefore, I self-publish as a last resort. That would mean that self-publishing is somehow... less... and it isn't.  It would mean self-publishing is for projects that other people don't want. Not a good recipe for success, I think.

My criteria is based on whether I believe I can easily find a home for a project [if the hunt for a publisher requires too much research, or if I already communicate with the target market that would buy the product, then I may choose to self-publish.]
Preparing to launch through smashwords

We're also doing a new format for the ebook to publish on smashwords. This is not going to affect the way the PDF book that is one sale, but the publisher has very specific guidelines on how the want the book and I'd really love for it to be released with them too, as they offer ebooks in a variety of formats.

How has your week been so far?

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