Tuesday, October 04, 2011

The week so far

The launch of How to get quoted in the media went well. There were no reports of technical problems and I received a few enquiries and a number of phone calls from friends offering their good wishes.

Now the hard work begins, uploading the ebook to various ebook distributor outlets and promoting the book on various online forums.

My plan is to do at least one marketing activity a day. I’ve already created an ebook store on Facebook. Check it out.

BTW, it was very easy to do, so if you have digital products to sell, don’t hesitate to try out the platform. It will be one more place where your works are available to sell.

I'm also promoting the book to romance authors from various publishers internationally.

Yesterday Christelle and I:

1. Pitched our ebook to be reviewed on a national radio station show about small business. The host initially said “No,” but we were persistent in an informative, polite but fun way and eventually he was convinced we do have something useful to say. And yes, even the people who wrote a book on How to get quoted in the media do get rejected by the media.

2. Answered interview questions for Kelly Mathee, who plans to write an article about us and the book. Thank you Kelly. I hope your article gets some people curious.

3. Started reading JA Konrath's ebook entitled "You're the monkey." It's a book about ebook publishing and it's available on his site for free. I don't agree with him on some points ( we can never agree with others 100%) but in my humble opinion, it's a must-read for people who are considering the ebook publishing option.

Of course there was also regular client work to do. And there I’m drowning because there is so much I need to do and 24 hours in a day is not enough and I can’t do without sleep. Huh! Best I get to it.

How's your week going?


tiah said...

Your no 1 made me laugh. Best of luck with it all!

po said...

Your no 1 made me laugh too! I think you need an assistant! Hire me! Haha, I guess my science skills won't be much help. So far this has been the least stressful week I have had in a long time. A very good start.

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