Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The publishing train chugs along

I almost said happy Monday, because time has been flying by so quickly if I feel like it's still Monday. And not in a sad blue Monday context.I'm content.

I  handed over Book 3 reviewed manuscript to client yesterday. Received edited version of book 2 for final look-see and draft copy of book 4 from an author today. So the train is moving along. And the reason I'm happy? It struck me that I'm finally working more with books, like I always wanted. Ja I know that's kinda dense, considering this assignment has been going on for months. But somehow it hadn't registered properly in my head.


tiah said...

Too busy to let it sink in...congrads!

po said...

Wow, you are a book-churning-out machine! I am glad you are content.

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