Thursday, November 24, 2011

Business and Cancer Update

It's been raining quite a bit, which makes me happy because my vegetables are finally getting as much water as they need. But the weeds! They just keep growing back. Anyhoo, here's an update:

1. Business is going well. Three clients are keeping me extremely busy, so I wake up each morning with a sense of purpose. Another writer sent book 5. I'm not going to get a chance to look at it for a while. I need to push out what's in front of me as soon as possible.

2. My friend who has cancer is having another biopsy today. Honestly, I'm scared. I moved to this suburb to be near this woman, because we'd been very good friends for years and she's been very supportive to me in so many ways. She's one of my heart sisters. And I don't even want to contemplate losing her.

3. Haven't done much creative writing lately. The biggest reason is that I've spent every working hour on client projects, especially the publishing project. I dn't regret it - I learnt a lot - but in the future, I will need balance.

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po said...

I hope your friend's biopsy brings positive results.

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