Thursday, January 19, 2012

How do you manage your meetings?

The great news is that Mma was released late yesterday afternoon from the hospital.

Today was hectic, with one meeting after  another. I met with:
1. the tiler to measure  my kitchen floor  and give me a quote.
2. a plumber
3. a tenant who'll be moving in at the end of Jan into one of my places.
4. a graphic designer who finalised my company logo ( I approved it) and will now start designing the  brochure
5. an author and managing editor for one of the client publishing projects. I'm now getting 5 arch lever files full of artwork to look through and approve.

I'm only getting a moment now to sit down and write ( which is what I'm actually paid to do:-) and the workday is almost over. But I'm happy with what was accomplished today.

So, how  do you manage your meetings? Do you batch most of them into one day ( as I have done) or do you spread them over each day? I prefer to batch them because even though the day of meetings  is hectic, I have more free days to write and do admin. I find that it helps me with productivity because meetings drain my energy, even when the location is not too far from hom and the participants don't waffle.


Lori said...

I prefer to batch them, too. Much, much easier to lose one day to meeting than to lose several days. I had back-to-back meetings two Fridays ago, which took the entire day, but I knew that going in, so I worked around it.

Judy Croome | @judy_croome said...

I'm starting to "batch" the time I spend on-line. That keeps it limited, although I never get through everything every day. But at least I have more writing time!

Judy, South Africa

Anonymous said...

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