Monday, January 16, 2012

It's a wonder we made it to adulthood

Happy Monday to you all. Things are looking up in my corner of the world: Mma looks and sounds better, though she's still in the hospital.

Spent a lot of time with my siblings and we had a good time, despite the circumstances of our getting together. We were roudy, updating each other on our lives, debating politics, religion and everything we could think of (that's normal when we meet), looking through childhood photos(we all looked so young!) and reminisced about some of our memorable escapades. Younger brother owned a plethora of weapons including a set of nunchaku ( I tried to learn to use them but hit self on the head), a knobkierie (big stick), catapults, a bow and arrows.

He and younger sister had silly grins on their faces when they recounted using the bows and arrows to hunt people..   ahem...sorry, meant to say hunt wildlife. I mostly trapped big-sized birds or hit them with a stone from a small catapult, then cooked them over an open fire. And no, I didn't set anything of fire that I didn't intend to. That accomplishment was left to both my brothers, who at different times set Aunt M's house on fire.

Looking back at our play from a modern perspective, it's a wonder someone didn't murder us just so they could feel safer.

I'm now back to almost normal work routine starting today. I'm spending most of the week reviewing manuscripts at various stages of production and doing some creative writing.

How are you? How was your weekend?


Lori said...

LOL! I doubt you were doing anything different than any other kid at that time, Damaria. :) Hit yourself on the head? I've done stuff like that - luckily, in private. :)

Glad she's doing better. :)

po said...

haha I often marvel at the fact that I made adulthood too.

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