Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The show must go on

I am finding my feet incorporating Mma's care into my daily routine and have been fairly productive the past couple of days. This week I:

1. Submitted a novel and it was rejected. Yes, that fast, LOL! I take heart in that the commissioning editor gave me that kind of attention. Of course I adjusted a few things and sent it out the door again.
2. Reviewed the first design of my company brochure and sent input to the designer to improve.
3. Bought groceries in bulk. I need to make sure that I only need to go shopping if I need perishables like fresh vegetables. Also registered for Pick 'n Pay's online shopping service. Not sure they will deliver during the times when i'm in Phokeng though (as it's a rural area), so I emailed them to ask. i really hope they do, because if they don't deliver, I will have to buy from another supermarket which i don't like as much.
4. Fielded editorial queries for client publishing project. These are ongoing and keep the wolf from the door.
5. Communicated with a potential client for a materials development and publishing project. Thank you Pam for the referral.

Lesson learnt: Being self-employed is wonderful and being able to work from any location is even better. So the long hours, the sometimes frantic schedules I've had to maintain in the past to grow my business are absolutely worth it. That said, it's very critical when you have a life-change to make sure that the work schedule is not adversely affected. Yes, people understand that you have to take some time out when you have a sick mother, but understanding only goes so far when they have deadlines to meet and businesses to run. So I'm working very hard to make sure that my life and time is managed in such a way that I can put in a full day's work regardless of what else is going on in my life.


tiah said...

That was fast. But how nice for you to be able to re-jig and re-submit so quickly. Best of luck with this round.

Damaria Senne said...

@Tiah - Thanks Tiah. I really do hope the book fits with their editorial guidelines, or if not, there are minor adjustments we can do to make sure it does.

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