Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sleep haunted by deadlines

My sleep was haunted by deadlines. The managing editor from a client was supposed to pick up hard copy files from me this morning and last night when I went to bed, I hadn't finished my assignment ( as I only received the files yesterday afternoon).

I planned to get up very early today so I could finish the work in time for her 6.30 am pick-up. The deadline must have bugged me subconsciously because while I was sleeping, I dreamt that I had 4 assignments overdue at the same time. My dream self had been procrastinating on the work and the editors needed the work immediately and she was not ready.

The dream editors were upset and I was panicking. It. Was. A. Mess!

Thankfully, I woke up to find that it was close to 4am and I had no irate editors to deal with. Still, I dragged the arch lever files to bed with me and spent the morning finishing the work and was ready when managing editor came to collect the work.

Next on my schedule today is to review the second pages of Book 1. It's lovely to see the book take shape: the text reads well, the artwork is wonderful and the typesetting pulls it all together nicely. I can't wait to see my baby printed:-)


po said...

It sounds like you need some time to take it easy Damaria, don't work too hard!

Damaria Senne said...

thanks Po. I suspect you're right that my psyche is trying to tell me to take it easy and hopefully will soon. Sad how less than a month after my Christmas break my body is already complaining.

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