Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Chronicling my journey as a writer

By Pamela Moeng

This past weekend I began constructing a blog in my name to chronicle my journey as a writer.

The gal who owns this joint agreed that Damaria Senne Media (DSM) and its associates could maximise our collective exposure if we run Storypot, the under construction DSM website and our individual blogs simultaneously.

Given the high-pressure day job and my obligation to post to Storypot, my keyboard is likely to spontaneously combust under my tap-dancing fingertips, but which writer could resist the challenge? Seeing your name on the masthead is equivalent to seeing your name in neon lights on broadway.

I may wax lyrical on the art of writing but I will try to ensure my musings are useful or inspirational to fellow writers. Or, for that matter, anyone else who finds their way to my blog.

Don't look for Pamela Moeng. My blog is titled by the name my daddy gave me.  Pamela Kauffman.The first post was uploaded on the 26 February 2012.

The url is http://pamelakauffman.wordpress.com

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