Monday, February 27, 2012

What's on your plate this week?

My condolences to my blogging friend Judy Croome   and her family on the passing of her father, Isaac Benjamin Heinemann, after a long illness.

My weekend was busy, but in a good way. Some of my siblings and their families came over and on impulse we decided to cook a dumpling and meat dishes.  Outside, on a fire pit. It was lots of work, but also fun.

On Sunday I went to Joburg for the day. It's almost month end, so the trip mostly involved talking to tenants moving in or out. I hope everyone stays settled for quite a while.

My post on Friday about the translation of The Doll That Grew drew the interest of a translator  who offered to translate the book to Chinese too. Of course I  said yes. So now the children's book  will eventually be published in 8 languages including English. It's not going to happen all at once, but over the next couple of weeks/months. I'm very excited about it.. Never thought I'd see the day The Doll That Grew was available in other languages, even if it's in an ebook format.

Today I submitted a poem to for their 2012 Women's Day celebration anthology. I hope they like the poem and accept it.

I'm spending most of day reviewing Book 7. I'm also going to do some end of the month admin.

How is your day? What's your on your plate this week?


Lori said...

My condolences to Judy, as well.

My day is end-to-end work. I like it, but on a Monday, it's tough!

PJ said...

So sorry about Judy's loss. When I lost my own father, it felt like the world had ended.

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