Friday, February 24, 2012

The Doll That Grew officially launches on 5th March

Thank God it’s Friday!  It was not a hectic week choc-full of deadlines, but it was stressful in a “I hate waiting for editorial queries from the publisher” kind of way. I expected the queries to come through and the printing dates are looming. So not hearing from managing editor tied my stomach in all kinds of ugly knots.

So I decided to put some focus on personal/self-published projects. The big news is that I’m having an official launch for The Doll That Grew on Friday the 5th March 2012. It will be a virtual launch.  

Please invite me to be a guest on your blog so I can talk about:
  • writing for children
  •  e-publishing
  • publishing rights (the rights to The Doll That Grew reverted to me after the book was published by Macmillan South Africa)
  • self-publishing
  • the writing life
  •  making a living as a writer
  • writing for different platforms 
You can also interview me to do an author or publisher profile, or ask me to chat on your blog on whatever topic is suitable for your readers that also resonates with what I do.
    I also welcome reviews on Amazon (I can send you the Word manuscript so you can read the story and share with potential buyers on Amazon what you think about it. Email me at for a copy. )

    The Doll That Grew is currently being translated to Setswana, Zulu, Xhosa, Afrikaans, French and German. Translators have been assigned and now it's a matter of time before the books are ready to be loaded on Amazon too.

    I figured since I’m publishing the book electronically, it will not take too much to translate it too and it would be lovely if parents were able to read the story to their children in their native languages.   Many thanks to all the people who agreed to translate the book for me.  Your assistance is appreciated. Muchly!

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