Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thank you

Many thanks to all of you who helped me choose a book cover for The Doll That Grew. The majority of you chose option 2. So that's what I'm running with.

Next time I decide on a book cover I'm going to run it on the blog as a competition, so you get to win some interesting prizes. It's gonna be fun!

I'm still doing chapter reviews for Book 7. Also, one of my friends has come to visit from Joburg and to stay for a couple of days.  That is nice - reminds me that my social life will carry on. And once I've done some repairs and freshened up the place a bit, I will be ready for more guests and to entertain. The property is quite big and there's lotsa space for kids and dogs to play and run about.  And we can go for a short hike past the dam towards the mountains. I'm sure my friends will enjoy being able to escape the city for a day or weekend.

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