Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Feeling Fractured

I've been feeling fractured lately. I know part of it is that I'm not completely settled in Phokeng, with most of the things that help make me comfortable and relax enough to create still in Joburg. I also don't have a proper home office in Phokeng. As a result, I haven't established a rhythm of life and work and creativity that works for me yet.

Yesterday I felt worse - I had a long list of tasks to accomplish and I sat at my computer to work. But somehow I felt as if I was running very fast on a treadmill, going nowhere. In the end I only managed to finish a series of short articles that were late and then tried to catch up with emails, that's it. Which sucked.

But I do believe that things will get better. Meanwhile, this week I plan to do a major bout of  research for the course I'm co-writing so I can start drafting my first module next week, implement a realistic and thorough plan for the next 6 books in the client publishing project and finalise the edits on Tselane and the giant, which is due out for release later this month. And that's just the minimum objectives for this week. There are also a couple of small client projects that I need to turn around this week.

Opportunity to review a Joburg restaurant

Anyhoo, if you write/blog about food/parenting/lifestyle either for a Joburg-based print/online publication or on your own blog and want to check out the The Oak Leaf (one of my clients), let me know and we can discuss my comping you with the view of your reviewing the place.

The Oak Leaf Country Restaurant offers a tranquil family dining experience in the heart of Sandton, in Johannesburg. It has a supervised outdoor children’s playing area with a diverse range of activities to keep the kids occupied while allowing parents the space to relax and enjoy a delicious meal. It is located at Acorn Lane , a guest estate in Santon. Click on this link  to read a review by Laura over at Harassed Mom
and if you're keen to review the place, email me at damariasenne@gmail.com so we can discuss when, whether you are going with your family, your publication's target audience etc.


po said...

Hi Damaria, I just got back from holiday and am catching up on your blog. I just wanted to say thank you SO much for my prizes and my Amazon voucher, I used it to buy a Kindle book called Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides and it kept me busy the whole holiday and I loved it! The way to my heart is through book vouchers for sure!

Damaria Senne said...

hey po

welcome back. I hope you had a wonderful, relaxing time and i'm glad that you enjoyed the book that you got with the voucher. Like you, the way to my heart is through books too:-)

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