Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Slow but steady is winning the race

Tomorrow is the launch of Tselane and the giant, my retelling of the folktale, on Amazon. Woohooo!

The past couple of days have been good and I took my time going through tasks, which meant less stress. I'm glad I've slowed  down a bit - my body feels much better and hopefully, my creative output will also improve.

I went into Joburg to meet with the publisher client and we've set some deadlines for handing over  Books 7 - 12 for editorial. The dates are tight, but knowing when I have to deliver gives me something to work towards. Thankfully, Book 7 is almost ready for editorial.

I also started drafting the course module I'm doing for a client (end of June deadline) and created a facebook page for another client. If you're ever in Joburg and want to check them out ( and blog about the food), let me know and I'll organise complimentary vouchers for you. And if you know of food/restaurant blogs that could be interested in receiving reviews, please let me know? Oh, and while you're checking out the page, please "like" it? As you can see from the pics, it's a lovely place.

I'm now contemplating what to do with my 5-day holiday weekend ( the coming weekend is bookended by Freedom Day on Friday and Workers' day on Tuesday) and how to celebrate Mma's birthday, which will be on the 28th April.

I'm probably going to do a big family lunch and buy her a small token for her birthday, but she mentioned yesterday that the average lifespan in South Africa is 54 ( due to AIDS deaths) and she's grateful that she has lived to see 74. Every year past the average life span has been a bonus, she says.

I'm also going to do some renovation work in the house, maybe paint the kitchen and long corridor running through the house. Two nephews have agreed to help.That should keep us all out of trouble for a couple of days.

Anyhoo, enjoy te rest of the week and if you are South African, happy Freedom Day on Friday.

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