Friday, April 20, 2012

Writing Resources I Use

By Pamela Moeng

I receive numerous emails from various writing related sites. You may or not be familiar with the ones I use, and you may have your own. A list of my favourite ones follow, and I'd appreciate a heads up on any site not mentioned that Storypot readers have found useful. Of course, feel free to warn us about any sites that aren't particularly useful for writing purposes as well.
Daily Writing Tips
The Urban Muse
The Renegade Writer
Author Magazine
Wordsmith's A Word A Day
Advanced Fiction Writing Blog
The Tequila Thursday Writer's Club
Katalina's Playroom

The above are a few I regularly look to for writing tips, and inspiration.

Keeping abreast of all the email information I receive from these sites is a challenge, but I never fail to learn something new each day, or to find a better way to do something. A believer in lifelong learning, I don't think any person ever learns everything they need to know to be perfect at their craft. I aim to keep honing my craft til they pry my keyboard out of my cold, dead hands.

This weekend the Professional Editor's Group (PEG) is hosting a copyright workshop on Saturday morning, at the very low investment of R200 for non-members. I urge those of you who are here in Jozi and not busy this weekend to take advantage of the opportunity. Damaria has already provided the information previously.

Please let me know of any websites, free email newsletter, or other material that you find helps you in your writing. I'd appreciate it.

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Kimberly Ben said...

Great resource list, Damaria. You've introduced me to a couple of new blogs I'm sure I'll enjoy. I agree that learning as a writer is a never-ending journey. Good thing I like doing it so much. :~)

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