Monday, October 21, 2013

Happy Monday!

I hadn't really thought much about the care of the elderly until I had to move in with my mother. Now I see a lot of coverage about the challenges they face. Most of the stories highlight the abuse they have to endure from their carers. It's heart-wrenching.

It rained all weekend, and hopefully, it continue for a while, and that we'll build up a reservoir of enough water that the water  restrictions will be lifted. I was happy to cocoon in the house, reading, writing and taking naps. My gardens are also happy, and this morning we had a big harvest. We picked enough carrots, spinach, beetroot, onions, red and green cabbage for a week for the family and the workers. It was a lot. The rain ensures that all the plants I was worried about will survive, and the gardens will keep providing for us.

In terms of client work, the upcoming week looks good too. I had a good interview with a client on Friday, giving me enough information to write a big batch of articles for them. I'm also making progress on the course material and waiting for a big batch of work from another client. All that should keep me hopping all week.

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