Tuesday, November 05, 2013

On Inspiration and Work

A big congratulations to Baby. She landed her first part-time job as a waitress with a catering company. So far she has been on two assignments with them, and all was well. She's also happy that she's now able to generate her own income, and hopes that she will be able to keep the job until she finishes high school in two years.

The past week was OK, though I would have loved to have been more prolific. Here are some of the things I did:

I went for  early morning walks - I haven't explored Phokeng since I moved here 21 months ago. However, I need to exercise more, so I decided to start going for walk/runs first thing in the morning. The exercise is invigorating and I am learning more about the village.

I looked for inspiration - I read the archives of Mridu Khullar Relph's  blog. Mridu is an international freelance journalist and author, based in India.

Downloaded Scrivener - I also decided to take Mridu's recommendation  and installed Scrivener to try out. I need a better way to organise my research and to write faster. We'll see if Scrivener can help me with that.

Edited a chapter unit - I'm still editing and rewriting a course unit. This unit started out as two units in my original course plan, but I realised when I was writing the first unit that the second unit actually belongs in this section. I'm happy with the way it came out.

Finished a thought leadership article  - I'm so happy this is done! I had all the material I needed, but I kept second-guessing myself during the writing process. This slowed down the writing considerably - until I told my inner critic to shut up.

Planted lavendar - I spent part of this morning in the garden, planting lavendar along one area of the back fence.  The area faces a neighbour's  garden, and his garden is so beautiful I felt bad that it overlooked a portion of my backyard that's riddled with weeds.  The neighbour came out to say hello and he looked very happy with what I was doing.


po said...

Congrats to Baby, financial freedom is a wonderful and powerful thing!

Tiah said...

Well done to the kid!
Scriver - my writing bff loves it.

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