Monday, August 07, 2006

10 Days of Rain - Some options

I’m starting to work on 10 Days of Rain Today. For a short intro to the story, go here

My friend Gillian Stokes, who is a wonderful poet, suggested three possible scenarios from to continue:

Option One

Your heroin embarks on a retreat, a journey back into the past , going into the “wilderness” so to speak to live off the land and consult with her ancestors, who will come to her in visions. Her choice of what to do finally and what sacrifice to make will come through these visions and also her experiences.
Perhaps the sacrifice is that she must give of herself. For a certain period of each year, she must come back to her roots, leaving her modern world behind this would indeed be a real sacrifice and challenge to a young modern day professional who would have job responsibilities that she would have to juggle with this.
The fact that she might lose friends , because the people from her modern world would not understand. But the rewards could be great ( I could go on for ages here as this scenario to me would be the one most sure to create possibilities of sequels)

Option 2

A mammoth battle between the two sisters, a kind of survival course where they are pitted against each other emotionally, mentally, physically and morally (again sort of Harry Potterish) where there can be only one winner !

Option 3

The princess decides to question the ritual sacrifice, how it came about what the origins were etc. and finds that it came about because of a family feud, a curse, some injustice that was never corrected and for which proper restitution was never made, and that if she can break the spell, appease all concerned and make proper restitution, the need for sacrifice would have been eliminated!

OK that’s my five cents worth! My gut tells me this could be the kernel of a “magnum opus “ for you (nudge nudge)

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