Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I’m performing at the Soweto Arts Festival

On the 25 September, I’m going to perform/read some of my children's stories at the Soweto Children’s Festival.

My agent arranged the gig for me. He says it will serve as a launching pad so that by the time my book is released, I have a platform.

I’m so glad I found him! The man really believes in me. While I've published children's fiction before, it was years ago. He sold me to the festival organisers on the basis of manuscripts he has submitted to publishers.

I'm also nervous because I have never read/performed my stories before an audience. The agent also has clients in the performing arts, so he says he'll arrange with someone to coach me.

So if you read this post and you live in the Gauteng area, and you’re not scared off by Soweto’s reputation, come hear me read one my stories.

About the Soweto Arts Festival

The festival promises to provide great fun for adults and the kids. The festival offers music including choral, dancing, storytelling, arts and crafts and lots of food.

The aim is to give emerging entrepreneurs and established businesses the chance to showcase lifestyle products.

Watch the press for further details.

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