Thursday, August 03, 2006

The school holidays begin

I had a teacher/parent conference with Baby's class teacher as part of the end of term ritual. School closes tomorrow.

The meeting went extremely well. The teacher is pleased with Baby's progress, and the report says she exceeded the objectives set for the term.

So now we're looking forward to a full month without school. As I mentioned in pervious posts, Baby is going to spend a week with my mother and then 3 weeks with her biological mother.

She is very tired, and has been going to bed earlier and earlier in the past couple of days.

I am also looking forward to time alone, when I can re-charge my batteries and manage my life without having to consider the needs of someone else.

For the first few times when my mother invited Baby for a long visit, I used to feel guilty for being happy about being alone and without responsibility. I was afraid that it could look as if I didn't want Baby, or that I find her burdensome. Mothers are not supposed to be happy because the kids have gone away, are they?

Thank God I got over that uncalled for guilt fast. Being a mother is not prison where I will not be released until my child is grown. It is a duty that is rewarding, educational, challenging and fun.

I am fortunate enough to have family members who want to spend prolonged periods taking care of with my daughter; people who want me to have some time to myself. So I intend to use the time wisely - sleep in as much as I can, meet single friends I rarely see and do things that bring me pleasure.

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