Monday, July 28, 2008

Call for input from South African electronic security companies & commentators

I’m working on an electronic security country report, and would appreciate input from South African companies (and/their PR firms). The feature is 4000 words long, and will be published in an international buyer’s guide.

Content for the feature will include a general economic overview, the size and scope of the electronic security market, outlining key vertical markets, major channel players and product needs in the country.

If you or your company can provide input into this feature, please email me as a matter of urgency. I will get back to you to gain a better understanding of your company, and to schedule an interview with your company’s spokesman.

Please note that deadlines are very tight (aren’t they always in the media business?), and I would appreciate a response by Friday 4th August at the latest.

It doesn't rain, it pours!

This week promises to be very hectic. I have 3 articles due tomorrow, and landed 2 more assignments for a total of 5 articles this morning, excluding the country report above.

I already had some regular writing work scheduled, so I will have to my butt on a chair writing most of this week.

I don't mind though - the topics are a combination of subjects I'm familar with and completely new territory, which will keep me on familiar ground even as I learn.

Subtle shift in focus

Loyal readers who have visited my blog for the past two and a half years will have noticed a subtle shift of focus on the content of this blog.

When I first launched Storypot, it was my platform to discuss and feature my children's stories and creative writing works. Starting July, I've also begun to include info on my non-fiction writing projects.

I hope you don't mind the addition. Hopefully, the new aspect gives you a clearer view of the projects I'm working on and my evolution as a writer. And where needed, I will be sending out calls for input, giving you/your company the opportunity to be featured in articles I've been commissioned to do.

For my part, I consider the changes to be in line with name of blog - Storypot - where I cook up a wide variety of stories out of South Africa/Africa.

Also, if you are registered on LinkedIn and Plaxo, please send me a friend request, as I post my "calls for input" on those platforms more often.

The system has worked very well for me on subjects and niches I'm still learning about, and one of the company profiles I'm finishing today was from a response to these calls.

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