Monday, January 19, 2009

The busy writer's healthy meal

As I've been working long hours, there was no time to really pay attention to meals. So I reverted to my favourite stand-by, braised vegetable salad with whatever else I can stick into a microwave.


Vegetable Salad

I don't really have quantity measurements for this recipe. I take half a red pepper, green pepper, yellow pepper and one medium onion. Cut them into chunks, sprinkle salt and dried parsley on them, and braise them in a teaspoon of oil until they go soft.

Then I take a chunk of lettuce, wash and cut it into pieces, and put it in salad bowl, throw in a couple of slices of cucumber and the braised vegetables and mix together. Then I take half a teaspoon of vinegar, spinkle on the salad, mix and serve with my meal. The salad feeds four.

Vegetable and carrot casserole

For dinner tonight, I took pieces of chicken and put them in a bowl for microwaving, put in slices of carrots and half a can of tomatoes, half a teaspoon of garlic, sprinkle some salt and mixed herbs. Then I stuck the covered dish in the microwave to cook until it's done.

The potato also came out of the microwave! I know it loses something when you cook it like that, but I was not inclined to use a stove. Try it. The whole meal took me 30 minutes to prepare, including the slicing and dicing.

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mylifescape said...

great blog! Casserole sounds delish... i will have to try it some time!


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