Saturday, January 24, 2009

What's culture got to do with love?

I'm very tired. It's been a hectic week, and today even more so, as I attended the Community launch of the OneLove Campaign in South Africa.

But I feel that the hard work was worthwhile, so i'm not complaining. It's gratifying to see the content of the OneLove web site grow. The site is starting to make sense, and I feel good knowing that i had a strong hand in developing the site.

Today on the site we are chatting about the relationship between love and culture as well as the contradiction between OneLove and polygamy. This is a conversation that started at the community launch of the OneLove Campaign in South Africa. The event took place today at Ubuntu Kraal in Soweto.

Read the article here.

In her speech at the launch, South Africa’s Health Minister Barbara Hogan compared South Africa’s goal to reduce the number of new HIV infections by half in a couple of years to US President Barack Obama’s campaign to become president.

“Just like President Obama’s election, the reversal of the HIV rate will depend on our ability to believe in ourselves, to change as individuals, and to act together as a united force for a better life,” she said.

Read the post outlining her speech here.

If you visit the site, please leave a comment? You can also take this week's poll, which asks a very personal question:-).

The question is, are we prepared to give up some of our cultural practices so we can reduce the rate of HIV infections here in South Africa?


I also think it's time I also invested time in finalising my own self-hosted Wordpress site. I'm very excited about the move to the new site; it will give me the opportunity to write about the various aspects of my writing processes, the projects that I'm working on, and issues that interest me in a more structured way.

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