Monday, June 29, 2009

Life Should Be Lived Physically, Not Just Virtually

It's mid-term break and Baby is home all day for the whole week. So I'm facing the challenge of keeping her busy even as keep my normal work hours.

The challenge is that she will happily spend all day IMing her friends, playing on and similar sites and watching girly movies ( The Cheetah Girls, Bratz, High School Musical etc).

I don't think that's healthy for a child to spend too much time watching stuff that doesn't even reflect real ife, or living life virtually, insteading of DOING fun things with real people she can see and touch.

So I became the heavy that said she was restricted to real life things. That is surfing, IMing, watching TV or DVDs is banned in this house.

Instead, she has fabric to sew, beads to make necklaces and bracelets and stuff, and a recipe book to cook/bake/whatever. She can also go for long walks, go play in the park ( accompanied by my helper), brush our dogs' fur. ( Edward is a Chow mix, and has really long hair that makes him look like a lion).

I wonder if she noticed I didn't ban reading novels? Ja, I'm a hypocrite, because reading novels is not a real life event.

Meanwhile, if you have a minute, hop onto the OneLove web site, where a discussion is going on about the emotional pain one sufffers when breaking up with a partner, even when tha person is already married to someone else.


BeckyJoie at Leaders in Learning said...

You are right about the virtual world vs. real world. Experts say that in order for children to develop attachments and healthy relationships, they should be limited in their TV, video game, mp3 player time, etc.

Welcome to the "mean mom" club. That "means" you care enough about your children to make their lives "mean"ingful.

Ms Lona Lee Hart said...

I LOVE BeckyJoie's take on "mean" and I support her view 100%. Little Mister is spending more time playing soccer now than Playstation and I'm glad. Now if I can just get Little Miss away from Facebook and into the real world...

iWrite2Know said...

Kids need to be organized and systematic to face the real world later. Watching television is a good thing. However the viewing should be limited to a few quality channels and programs. Excess of anything is unhealthy.

Laura said...

Kids I have realised do not cope well if told to go do what they want! Or are allowed to do what they want!

They need routine and order!

Enjoy the time together though :O)

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