Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Moving Into My Home Office Today

Today I started moving into the outside building that has been converted into my home office, and it has really been exciting!

But I'm also realising that the colour scheme that I wanted (blue, white and black) is not going to happen overnight, if at all.

I did manage to paint the wall a light blue colour which I like, and think it's going to be very soothing for me as I work.

But a neighbour gave me this lovely bench, whose insides is also a storage chest. The bench was made less than six months ago, and has a lovely bronze velvet fabric covering the seating area. The colour does not match my scheme, but it would be very silly for me to change it to try to conform it to a colour scheme in my head.

And Baby thinks the bench works really well with the maroon and grey scatter cushions, and the hand-made reed mat, which is a gift from my sister-in-law Pontsho.

But I am going to paint my desk white, get the big black leather chairs that will help me get really comfortable while I work, and later in Spring, invest in black and white floor tiles.

So furnishing and decorating the home office as I like will take time, but it will get there. And I'll share some pics once it's done.

Living Life, Rather Than Watching It

Meanwhile, Baby (aged 11) is valiantly trying to keep busy doing real life stuff during her mid-term break.

She finished her homework and there's some irony there: her task was to watch a DVD of a fairytale and then write a summary of the story, in Afrikaans.

Afrikaans is our third language. Or rather, it's one of the languages we have to learn to get by, because South Africa has 11 official languages, and it's smart to make sure you can at least ask for help in all of them. And Zulu is the second most used language in SA, so we really have to learn that one.

Baby also went through her bead collection and found that she had enough left-overs to make me this bracelet.

That was Monday and Tuesday. This morning she decided that it was time to organise my books and DVD collection alphabetically.

I personally think I have a very odd baby: whose bookshelves actually stay organised in alphabelical order?

But, it will keep her busy for a while, and maybe along the way she'll find some interesting books that are appropriate for her.


Laura said...

I would love a home office - any colour!

LOL I would organise books alphabetically if I knew they would stay that way!

Anonymous said...

Hiya Damaria, presumably Frazier has left the building though!
I think the bronze will go well with the black and white, and you might consider adding chocolate brown to the mix. Leave the blue wall and maybe put another rush mat on it, and get your daughter to make some nice bead decorations in blue, black, white, bronze, gold and chocolate to hang on the hanging?


Ms Lona Lee Hart said...

I agree with Corinna - white and black go with every other colour so you've got all delight and NO problem. I'm so jealous, girl. What was going to be my home office has become Little Miss's bedroom AGAIN, but Ms Lona is not really complaining - I'm glad my little girl is back home with moi. Your Baby is a dream come true - what drug you giving that child?! LOL D, congrats on making your dream come true and hooking yourself up with that home office. You deserve it and you'll put it to good use. Lots of love to you and Baby

Damaria Senne said...

@Laura - mine don't stay organised alphabetically either.
@corinna - you are right. Black and white works with everything. We'll see how the ffice evolve.
@Ms Lona-Lee - I'm also glad that you are enjoying Little Miss' return. They grow up soo fast and sometimes when I look at her, it's hard to grasp that she's the little baby I used to know.

Pamela said...

Looks good! I would love a home office / studio.

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